Saturday, September 3, 2011

Organizing The Chaos

I am a mother to 4 amazing kids! But mornings before school are crazy! I just try to control, organize, and manage the chaos until they are all on the bus. Well until the 2 are on the bus and the other 2 are not getting lost in the craziness. Here are a few of my organizing methods that are working for me. If you have any helpful tips please suggest. I am always looking for better ways to do things. Each one of my kids is so different that what works for one does not seem to go as well for the other.
Here is a magnetic pocket chart that I bought from a local teaching store. The 3 older children each have a card saying what they need to do each morning and as they do it they are supposed to put it behind their name. They also have a few extra cards for chores. It really helps to keep straight whose turn it is to set the table or unload the dishwasher. Kylie loves this idea the best and is really good about moving the cards behind her name as she does it. Brian still needs lots of reminding because he is easily distracted. Haley, she just turned 3, so I am happy that she tries.
This used to be my dining room. I finally gave up on having one and made it into the kids homework/art room. We bought a kids closet from Ikea for their back packs, shoes and jackets. This works amazingly! We also bought a step organizer from Ikea for them to put their art/school supplies in. This has really helped keep things organized through the summer, but since school has started it has become organized chaos again! lol

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