Monday, December 19, 2011

Tights Turned Into Socks

Yesterday I was about to throw away a handful of my daughter's tights.  I was so upset how quickly they wore holes into the bottom part leaving the stocking part still in great shape.  I felt a little guilty throwing them away.  

So instead I made them into socks.  I know socks and tights don't cost much, but I am trying to make things last longer instead of being wasteful and throwing things away.

I had fun making their "new" socks.  I dressed them up with some bows too.  They will look so cute wearing them with their dresses and skirts!  And it only took me about 20 minutes to make 5 pairs.  

I got this idea from Ruffles And Stuff.  The only difference is is that I folded the material again over the elastic. So the elastic would have a casing and wouldn't touch their skin.  I thought it might bother them if it did and this way there were no open seams either so no chance of the material unraveling. 


Snowflake tights.  I dressed them up with a frilly pink bow.

I thought one bow was cute and then thought maybe more would be MORE FUN!

Not all quite in a row, but still FUN!


  1. these look adorable, and i love how proud your daughter is to be wearing your creation!!!

    1. Thank you Jenni! It is fun making your kids things and watching their faces light up over it.