Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Haley's Fairy Garden

I am really enjoying my time with just Haley. I have never really had her all to myself before. Now that her two older siblings have gone to school we have lots of time together to do what she is interested in doing. She has been wanting to paint and she loves fairies. I have always wanted to make a little fairy garden so I gathered a few things and let her have fun. I bought a little dollar bird house from Joanns and a couple little wooden things that looked like they could be people. We also bought some deer moss because it was on clearance. We already had jewels, paint, and a pot for planting a couple baby plants. So this is what we did today.  I let her do everything by herself except pour the glue. 
Busy painting.  She put lots of layers on her little house.  She used pink, green and purple, but it somehow ended up all purple.

Her house is finished and so are her fairy people.

After waiting most of the day it is dry and she can put the moss on.

Glued on some flower jewels and a butterfly.

Put it in a little pot with a couple of baby plants our neighbor gave us.  The fairies have little butterfly wings glued on their backs too.

All finished and on her dresser in her room.  It was a fun project for us today.

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