Home Decor

It might be old fashioned, but I think table runners really make a house feel like a home.  They can also dress up a table and a side board like nothing else!  You can change the paint of the furniture or the look, but to me it still looks plain until it has a hand made table runner on it! :)  They are also fun to make.  Being a busy mom I have the time to make a couple quilt blocks and put them together and quilt them in a few days.  I love it!  I have enough quilts in our house.  My husband jokes that if we are in a blizzard and the heater breaks we have enough quilts in the house to keep everyone warm!  I think that is a good thing.  So here are some of the runners I have made.  This is why I started an etsy site.  I don't really need any more table runners, but I don't want to stop making them either.  LOL! 

This is me with Haley, our 3rd.  My first craft show.

I made these wall hanging butterflies for my daughter's room.

I used all of this fabric for her quilt, bumper pad, dust ruffle, and curtains.  So cute and Sew Fun!

A home made birthday party.  Making it a "green" party because everything is re-usable for other parties.  And the gifts are little tote bags I made and they got to take home their plates and cups.  It was a great party!