Sunday, February 3, 2013

Teaching My Kids To Sew While it Snows

I know this isn't a great picture, but I only had my phone handy.  
It has been a cold January here and we have had a few snow days that canceled school.  On these canceled school days I try to get creative with the kids so we don't all go crazy.  I thought why not try hand sewing.  They will all sit still nicely on the couch and sew little pictures onto fabric.  To my surprise it worked and my son wanted to stay up all night until he finished his.  My little Haley who is 4 became frustrated with the project and didn't last very long.  I think this is a great idea for 6 and up.  I was proud of her for trying though.  I let them each pick out a stencil design and I stenciled it onto the fabric with a marker that disappears with water.  Brian let Haley pick out his design.  He really can be sweet.  I used 3 threads of colored floss and larger needles.  They got the hang of it real quick.

I am very proud of them and their first hand stitching project. 

Earlier that day we played!

Jacob's first time in the snow or at least realizing it is snow.  He was ok with it as long as it didn't touch him.

Had to add this one.  He got a bath in the sink because of a very bad diaper rash. He still looks little to me. :)

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