Sunday, February 3, 2013

Making our Christmas Gifts

I can finally publish this!  I forgot I hadn't!  These are the gifts my daughter created for her Oma, Abuelita, and Great Grandma for Christmas.  She drew her picture, chose the fabric, traced it onto the applique sheet, cut it out, and placed it onto the background fabric.  I then ironed it onto the background fabric and did the sewing and quilting.  She was so proud of her gifts and they were all from her.  She even signed the back.  I am so proud of my little sewer.  She inspires me!

Her drawing.  This one is for her Great Grandma.

All ironed on and ready for me to sew.

I love her color choices.

Her drawing. This one is for her Oma.

All ready for me to sew.

Her drawing of an angel.  This is for her Abuelita.


She drew the eyes, nose and mouth.

Finishing touch was signing the back!

Finished for Great Grandma!

I love her owl!  She drew this all by herself too!  And she is 6. :)  

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