Friday, February 8, 2013

All Boy Quilt

We have amazing neighbors here.  We love our house, but our neighbors make living here so much fun.  The kids have so many friends in all the houses around us.  Living here at this time in our life with 4 little ones will always be special to me.  

One of our neighbors in particular has become very close to our family.  It will be so hard to say goodbye when we move.  Which I don't think I have mentioned yet on my blog.  My husband is being medically retired from the army and we are moving this summer back to Arizona.  It has all been very sudden.  I am still trying to understand everything that is going on.

So for my therapy I am making quilts again.  It really helps me to remain calm when I am stressed.  It is also my way of cleaning my sewing room.  I don't think that makes sense, but my thought is, if I make more quilts I will have less fabric to move. :)  Sounds like a great plan to me.  Plus I don't like cleaning my sewing area because I always get distracted by new fabric and then find myself in a new project with a bigger mess around me.  I really need help in the organization department! lol

So I have distracted thoughts today!  Back to this amazing All Boy quilt I made!  I made this for a very special boy that I help get on the bus every morning for our great friends and neighbors.  I wanted to make him a quilt that he would love to sit and look at, enjoy, and was super soft and cozy.  I knew he loved colors, super heros, cars, and balls.  I had so much fun making this quilt for him.  

My kids asked me how I would even know if he liked this quilt because he can't talk.  I said he shows emotion and I would know.  I wish I had the camera so I could have taken a picture of his bright smile when he saw the quilt.  He loved it!  He beamed with happiness and it was such an amazing feeling for me to watch. He was so excited over all the colors and started pointing out all the little details I hoped he would notice!  He took the quilt to the floor and laid it on his lap and started petting it and pointing to himself with a big smile.  This moment was a blessing to me as much as it was to him.  This is why I love to quilt.  He can snuggle in this quilt and feel safe, warm and loved and I have these feelings in my heart knowing this.

I used flannel for the border and throughout the quilt.  So there are textures to the quilt on the top.  The back is also super soft snuggly flannel.

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