Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pumpkin Time

We went out into the garden today to check on the plants.  I really haven't been in the back yard in weeks.  I was wondering if everything was still alive.  There are lots of weeds, but the plants are still fine. We also picked our pumpkins today.  The date is August 21st and our pumpkins are done growing.  Maybe they started growing too early.  These pumpkin seeds came from our compost pile so they were an unexpected and unknown plant for months.  They turned out to be quite small too.  I know nothing about growing pumpkins and how to make them big.  Maybe they needed steroids.  The kids loved it though and were so excited about them.  Every chance they could they were checking on how their pumpkins were growing.  And that is the only reason I kept watering them. :)  They are a little too early for fall and too small for Halloween, but the kids do not care about that.

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