Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Finished Project

My parents took 3 of my 4 kids to Arizona for a week.  It was great having only my 18 month old to dote on and all of his nap times for sewing!  I honestly didn't clean anything or do any laundry or real cooking the whole time either.  I have been on vacation from all my chores.  It has been great.  But now my kids are flying back as I write and I am realizing that I have not cleaned anything, done any laundry, and lots of food has spoiled this week!  But I did get lots of my sewing projects done.

I just finished a tote bag last night for my friend and neighbor.  And I put the last border on a quilt I have been working on for years.  It is all my scraps that I have been trying to use up.  I love it.  Now I just need to get a back for it together and some batting so I can send it out to be quilted.  I also finished my embroidery lap quilt/possible wall hanging.  And for this one I did buy the back for it and batting and have someone lined up to quilt it.  So besides the cleaning part I have had a very productive week.  This is all stuff I could never do while my other 3 are home.  My other 3 kids do not nap any more and are always busy pulling me around the house, neighborhood and town.  They really do not just let me sit and quilt all day long like my napping baby does.  My 18 month old Jacob also enjoyed all of the attention he received from 2 doting parents with no competition from siblings.  Now my kids are almost home and I have to get busy doing some cleaning and figuring out a dinner for them too! :)

The Tote for my friend.  This is going to her little niece. 

More pictures of my finished quilt.  I love all the scraps.  Most of these fabrics bring back memories of other projects for me.  I love it.  I think this will eventually go on our guest bed because that bed has a store bought comforter on it.  I had always had this quilt in mind for it, but I obviously couldn't get it finished in time for our first guest to arrive, which was 3 years ago!

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