Saturday, August 11, 2012

Learning Colors With Pudding

We are really working with Jacob on learning to speak.  Sign language is amazing and has helped him with his frustration issues so much.  But we have to work on sounds still and his eating issues.  He is a terrible eater and only eats hard and crunchy food.  Crackers are his favorite.  So I thought I would make some vanilla pudding and give it color.  This is a great finger paint too that they can also safely eat.  Jacob doesn't like to get his hands dirty so he really didn't do much with painting the colors around.  I did say the colors over and over and tried to get some sounds.  He eventually thought it was fun.

I smeared it around for him.  He just dipped his finger in a few times and said Mmmm.  I was just happy he finally tried eating it because it went against his eating norm.  He never ate the pudding again though.

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