Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finishing a Quilt and Making a Tote

Tonight I finished quilting my quilt for my friend Judy.  I tried to add some flowers into the meandering design.  I think it turned out nice.  I really appreciate those who quilt with the long arm.  They are true artists to make all the designs on a quilt that they do.  Tomorrow I will put the binding on and then I can mail it out.  

I sewed until 11:30 pm again tonight.  I am so thankful for my bag of peanut M&Ms to get me through it.  They kept me awake and happy to sew.  They also got me through those long college study nights.  I have a long relationship going with peanut M&Ms! lol

I also started a tote bag for my friend and neighbor.  This bag is for her little niece who has weekend visits at her house.  This will be her weekender bag.  I love the colors she picked.  Very girly!



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