Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jar of Dirt Dessert

As a treat for the kids going to school Haley and I thought it would be fun to make them a fun welcome back snack.  We made jars of dirt with gummy worms, gummy dinosaurs, cookie dirt, and chocolate pudding for the mud.  First she broke the cookies with a masher until they were like dirt.  We used Oreos, chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  We just happened to have all of those out and made.  We put 3 dinosaur gummys on the bottom, pudding on top, 2 worms dipped in and cookie dirt on top.  

I put the jars in the fridge until the kids got home.  They definitely were a mess to make and looked like mud and dirt in a jar!  Before I gave them to the kids I told them that there was fun and yummy stuff to find in the dirt.  I told them they could go digging for dinosaurs in this jar. :) 

Brian came home upset about school because they don't get a snack any more and recess is only 15 minutes now.  I told him that school is kind of like this jar of dirt.  It doesn't look good right now, but once you get into it and start digging through the work good stuff does come out of it.  There is great stuff ahead of them this year.  I know God has a great plan for all of them.  School can be a difficult time and place, but if you keep digging through it, each year gets better.  After this jar and some good conversation about their day, I think tomorrow will be better.

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