Friday, May 18, 2012

My Quiet Place

 I love to be outside taking care of my garden or just getting a chance to be outside.  It really clears my mind and puts me at rest when I have a few moments outside.  I finally made a little spot for mt to sit at.  I laid down some mulch over a patch of dirt in the shade of some really big trees.  Then I put my little table and 2 chairs we had sitting on our deck there.  Then I found some pots that I already had and bought a couple more and put them around the area to make it feel more connected to the garden.  I love it.  I love sitting there doing my bible studies during the day while the kids nap.  With all of the trees it really is still quite cool in this spot.  I love being able to look up from my writing and see all the beautiful flowers around.  This is my quiet place.  This is my favorite spot in our yard!

I collected this basket of roses from one bush!

My pumpkin patch

Looking forward to raspberries

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