Sunday, April 21, 2013

Old Winter Pants Turned Into New Spring Skirt

     I went through all of my daughters clothes a few weeks ago to bring out the summer stuff and put away the winter.  Quite a few of their pants were full of holes like this one.  They still fit in the waist, but look terrible in the knees.  I thought this year I will try making them into skirts.  And I did it!  It was so easy. Just cut the pants below the pockets and then cut the seems in between the legs.  Use the material from the leg to fill in the open triangle.  Then make some ruffles and add them to the bottom of the skirt.  I added some flowers to dress it up a bit.  Took maybe an hour.  The hardest part was hand sewing the flowers on.

     Earlier this week my daughter, Haley, picked this book out at the library called, "Super Simple Art to Wear."  

     She really wanted to make everything in the book and I agreed if we could go over some of the steps a few times for one of the projects we would make it.  She picked out the felt purse project.  Here are their purses, both of my daughters made one.  We did have to buy the felt and felt glue, but had the ribbon and velcro.  Everything is just glued together so they were both able to do most of this project on their own. However, I don't know how long these purses will last and I may have to go back and sew everything together.  This is a great book and all the crafts are simple enough for young kids to do with a little help.

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