Thursday, April 4, 2013

My New Adventure of Homeschooling

     We are making a huge life changing choice for our family.  We have decided to homeschool.  There are so many reasons why we came to this conclusion, but the number one reason was because I know God put it into my heart and moved me to this choice.  It is all very personal to me.  I then told my family that I felt that God was leading me to this decision.  My husband has never been on board for this idea and he asked me why I thought God was leading me to this idea and not my own desires.  There are many reasons someone would never want to homeschool if it was about own desires.  I will be loosing my free time, my quilting time, my gym time, my clean house, possibly my sanity...homeschooling is not something someone chooses for selfish reasons.  We discussed all of my reasons and I asked him to just pray about it and think about it.  I knew that if this is what God was calling us to then only He could change my husband's heart and mind.
     A few days later my husband prayed during family prayer that he was thankful that homeschooling was put on my heart!  I couldn't believe it!  I never thought I would hear him say those words.  He said I could research it all and ask around about it.  After I read every book from the library on homeschooling I started to come up with my ideas on how I wanted homeschooling to look for our family.  This is going to be an adventure!  It is a whole new world!  And it is all a bit overwhelming.
     We picked out a curriculum from Alpha and Omega called The Weaver Curriculum.  I love the idea of unit studies and including all the kids in the learning.  I am letting the kids finish school here until we move.  I still don't know when we will be moving, only God does.  Maybe now that I have our homeschooling stuff in place and we are prepared to start schooling any time our house will sell.  Maybe...
     Last night I started to think about my blog.  I named it Oh Sew Nice because I wanted it to be all about my sewing and hopefully to get into a business of it.  Then my life started to change because of the health and speech issues of Jacob.  I have put my sewing aside.  I still love to sew.  I still think about all I could be sewing and creating, but it can wait.  It will still be there when my children are grown.  My children are more important to me and they come before me and my sewing!  I hope I will still be able to sew here and there, but this blog can no longer be only and all about sewing.  This blog is going to have to be about crafting with my children.  About teaching my children.  Life changes and I hope blogs can too.  I was thinking about the name saying Oh Sew Nice:  Sewing together a family with the threads God gives us.  Or...  Oh Sew Nice:  Sewing up family bonds through learning.  Just some ideas.  What do you think?

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