Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homeschooling Week 2

     This is my second week of homeschooling Haley in Kindergarten.  I am taking this really slow and just working on phonics and writing.  We are using the Veritas Press Phonics Museum curriculum and loving it!  I am also reading lots of books and the bible with her and we are working in the garden together and talking about plants.  I should get a picture of the garden she planted; she planted peppers and tomatos. 

     For the last month I have been reading so many books about homeschooling from the library.  My first favorite book was The Imperfect Homeschooler's Guide to Homeschooling.  I loved reading this book and I think I got through it in 2 days.  It made me feel confident in myself that I could do this and helped me decide on a unit based study.  Out of all the books I read from the library that was written by a homeschooling mom I felt this one was the best.  I definitely recommend it to those who are thinking about homeschooling.  She even talked about how to set up your house and if you are looking to buy a new home what to look for in a house set up for homeschooling.  And that is the exact situation we are in, moving and looking for a good house that will fit our family.

     The next book I read that changed my ideas for homeschooling was The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home.  This book is huge, but full of great information.  It will really change your thoughts toward how you teach your children in the home.  This book I will actually buy because it is a book you can constantly go back to and read again and again.  I then found myself on their website and really interested in giving my children a more classical education.  I went to one of their sites called Peace Hill Press and started shopping!  I have now found myself trying to figure out how I can give my children a classical unit homeschooling education.   

     Which then brought me to another book I must recommend reading: The Core from the Classical Conversations Curriculum.  Another book I think I may have to buy and brought me to the Classical Conversations website in search of more information.  I can't wait to get started homeschooling!  

     In the meantime, I am taking it slow with the 2 I have at home.  I am just trying to figure out how to teach Haley her short lessons while keeping my busy 2 year old Jacob occupied.  Here he is playing with his sensory buckets.  This time he had no trouble touching everything and throwing it around the room.  Progress is being made for him too. 

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