Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Star Wars Room

My oldest son, Brian, turned 8 yesterday.  I really cannot believe it has been 8 years since he was born.  Time has been going by so fast since I had kids!  We had a great day celebrating him.  We went to the beach, went to a berry farm and had ice cream, went home and opened presents, made pizzas, had friends over and ate cake.  It was a great day.  For me, I loved watching him open the gift I made him.  He finally got to see the Star Wars quilt I made, pillow cases, and wall hanging.  He never saw me work on them so it was a complete surprise.  He loved it all too, which made me feel great.  I was worried he might be sad that he got a quilt for his birthday, but maybe because he sees how much time and work goes into making them, he really did appreciate it.  When his friends came over he rushed them up to his room to see the whole set.  He did get a few other store bought toys, but I like to believe his favorite gift was the hand made ones.  

The solar system panel actually glows in the dark and we put glow in the dark stars around it and on the ceiling.

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