Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life Changes

This is my baby Jacob.  He is now 18 months old and is our fourth child.  He is such a happy boy and full of energy.  He has reached every mile stone early when it comes to moving.  But talking has never been his "thing".  He has always been like a little bird.  He squeaks and squawks and as he got older he also started to growl.  He loves music and seems to sing the melody to his own sound.

After his 18 month check up I realized, after a few questions from the doctor, he still isn't talking.  This post is the beginning of a new direction in our life with Jacob.  He is on the road to speech therapy.  The only word he truly says is Momma.  After speaking with the speech therapist we are thinking that his mouth isn't moving correctly to make the right sounds.  Even his babbling sounds are not "normal" babble sounds.  He has never made the d sound, so he has never said dada.  This is usually the first words a baby makes.  Instead he says gaga, which has worked fine for us.  I wondered why he said it with a g, but I have been making the 4th child excuse when it comes to his communication.

He loves to use sign language.  He has picked that up super fast.  The only problem with signing, for me, is that I only know 4 signs.  I have lots to learn.  I have also noticed that he never picks up the tip of his tongue and this is most likely part of his speaking problem.  Next week I have another meeting with his therapist and hopefully then she will have suggestions for me on how to help him and then he will be the little chatterbox I know he wants to be.

So this has been a big change to my life in that I will probably not have much sewing time.   I am also no longer working at the quilt store.  This is actually now a blessing because he will have to be at speech therapy two days a week.  I could probably find time at night again while everyone is sleeping to sew, but I just can't find the energy to do it right now.

If anyone reading this has every had a child in speech therapy and has some sort of encouragement, I would love to hear from you.  I am trusting God that He has a plan for Jacob and I.  I am just trying to figure that plan out.  Sometimes life changes and it takes a bit for our minds and thoughts to change with it.

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