Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Quilt Shelf My Husband Made Me

My husband loves to do wood working.  I mentioned to him that I would love a shelf that also held one of my quilts for a wall in our kitchen.  I also mentioned I would love for it to have my Polish pottery knobs we bought in Poland on it for the clamp part.  We had seen a shelf like this awhile back at a quilt store and he thought he could figure out how to make one. And he did!  

I love it and it looks great with my table runner.  The Polish pottery knobs gave him a lot of trouble because they were all different sizes and he couldn't find screws here in the States to fit them.  He ended up having to make his own screws and nails for this project.  He also put three layers of colored wax on it, so it is beautifully finished.  After he hung it up I decorated it with a few knick knacks I collected while living in Germany.  I love this shelf because my husband put so much time into making it.  And because of all the memories I get from just looking at it.  

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