Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trick or Treat Sack

I have a friend with older kids and she wanted a trick or treat bag that was more like a pillow case with handles.  I found this pattern on Earthgirl for a Quick Carrier bag and thought it was perfect.  The pattern only gives you a tiny drawing and the measurements so that you can make it yourself.  I finally found a way to use all the math I learned in school!  I love geometry! :) 
Math skills at work!

I didn't want it to be this big, this pattern is more for a grocery bag, so I measured down about 12 inches and then cut.

I had to take about an inch off the sides until it looked good.  Then I cut out a felt pumpkin face.

Time for Trick or Treating!  Lots of candy can fit in this bag!

I thought the tutorial was really easy to read.  The only changes I made, besides the size, was that I lined the whole thing.  I thought it would last longer through the years of use.  

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  1. This is adorable, Sarah! It was so nice to talk with you and your husband in my studio at LibertyTown today. I look forward to seeing you all again.