Monday, October 10, 2011

Custom Order Days

I have been so busy filling custom orders and trying to make a few extra things for an up-coming craft fair.  Trying to keep everything straight in the craft room and with my four kids is really starting to make me crazy.  I even have an eye twitch to prove it!  Here are a few pictures of what I have been up to.  Easier to show than to tell.

Bought lots of new ribbon!  Taggy blankets usually do well at craft shows.

Just finished 11 custom trick or treat bags!  There are 9 here, I had already given the other 2 to the buyers.

My son has his first loose tooth.  We got real creative one night trying to get it out.
My husband tried to shoot it out with a nerf gun... it did not work!
Then he tried the slamming door method...did not work.
Finally came out a few days later with pliers!  My little boy is growing up!
Excited to use his monster tooth fairy pillow.

Went and picked apples!  Lots of fun!
Then made 4 apple pies.  3 for our neighbors and one for us.  So yummy!  I will share the recipe.

So that is a little of what I have been up to.  When I have more time to breath I will write more and share the recipe for my favorite New England Style Apple Pie!

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