Sunday, June 22, 2014

Be True to Yourself....Create!

I am sewing again!  I finished up our year homeschooling and found myself looking through old patterns.  I had bought this pattern years and years ago.  I thought this would be a good place to start to get myself back into sewing.  I have always wanted to make this wall hanging and thought now was the time.  The kids were at VBS all morning and I had the house clean and to myself.  I had so much fun digging through my scraps.  This was a fun pattern to follow and I love how it turned out.  
Just starting the project and following the pattern!  

I love my quilt blowing in the wind.  Accidentally blowing the wrong way, but decided that didn't really matter.  These are all scraps my Grandma had given me a few years back mixed with a couple from my stash.  I will always remember how my Grandma taught me to sew and this quilt is a symbol of that for me.

Finished!  Quilted!  Binding done!  Hanging in our school room!  I hope this inspires the kids to always be creative in our homeschool classroom and their life.

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