Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life Changes...

I posted last that I was moving on.  For some reason that was easier said than done for me.  I can't believe my last post was in November!  I can't believe I am still not sewing!!!  Everyone can't believe that actually!  I am going to try to start picking up where I left off and hopefully work up until now.  Then maybe I will have myself back together and I will be sewing again and have it all together again because right now I am hanging together by a thread.

Here is a picture of the kids when we first moved to Arizona!  I think the sun made them grow as much as it made them tan!  

We are truly happy to be home with family again!  What an amazing experience to go to the doctor alone or with the one sick child because you have your mom to watch the other ones.  I have never had this before.  I used to have to juggle all 4 in the tiny doctor office.  It is so much easier to sit in the doctor office with the one sick child!  I am feeling blessed because of just this!

We loved the time we spent living with my parents.  Most days the kids found their way to the pool or spa!  They couldn't get enough of swimming, I, on the other hand, found myself becoming sick of it!  

We spent 4 months living with my parents.  We moved into our new home in October.  I actually can't believe it, but we don't have any pictures of our new house!  I will have to take some soon! I love our new house.  I think we just wanted to get in and unpacked as quick as possible so we could start relaxing and moving on.  We still have boxes and closets that are a mess 4 months later, but we don't feel rushed to finish.  We plan on being here forever and when we move it will be on our terms.  It is such a strange feeling to know that this is our house for as long as WE want to live here!  We are loving this feeling.  

What I am most thankful for is that I feel like I am getting my husband back.  He is home more than ever and he is finally there for us.  We are working through a lot of baggage and junk that the army put on us, but we are getting through it.  I guess we are unpacking mental baggage right now instead of unpacking our household stuff.  With 5 surgeries in a row and loosing many physical abilities he finally admitted to depression.  Some changes are really hard to accept and make.  

So we got a puppy.  I think our other dog is happier because of this little puppy we rescued from the pound and we are happier too.  She makes us smile and is great at cuddling on the couch!

So that is a good catch up and I hope to get a picture on here of our new house and what else we have been up to.  I have been putting all of my creativity, energy, and myself into my kids and homeschooling them.  That will probably be the direction my blog will be going to now.  Life changes...

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  1. I love your art! It's so beautiful. Thank you for posting it.