Sunday, June 22, 2014

Craft Show Here I Come...With Riley Blake

Now that the sewing bug is back I decided to set a goal of making at least 15 items for this years craft show.  The craft show is in November so I think I can get this goal met!  It is still June too! lol  I pulled out a box of fabric and decided to use everything in it that I could and if I couldn't use it all I would throw it away! GASP! I know!  I have a hard time throwing the smallest piece of fabric away!  But I need to because I have way too much fabric and not enough time.  Ok!  Instead of throwing it away, if it is still a usable amount, I will donate it! :)  

So I have made 3 runners for Halloween.  Actually I finished quilting and binding them today too, just need to take pictures.  This is Riley Blake fabric from 2 Halloweens ago, but it is still super cute!  I think they should sell and if not....I will gladly keep them. :)

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