Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Visit

Hurricane Sandy visited us on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday I had the kids clean their rooms and by Tuesday I knew they were going to be getting stir crazy.  So I set up centers at our kitchen table.  This kept them busy all morning.  I had 3 sensory buckets, a lego bucket, finger paint, paint with paint brushes, and dot painting.  I had them rotate through the centers every 10 minutes.  The kids quickly found their favorite center though and stayed there all morning.

I would love to say Jacob enjoyed finger painting, but I had to force his hand into it.  He was not happy about it.  But he did enjoy using the brushes and the dot painting bottles.

Kylie made the buckets into her own math problems.  There are 10 noodles in one and 10 peas in the other.

Brian surprised me by getting into the finger paint.  I thought he would never leave the lego center.

Haley loves playing with legos.

Kylie painted a picture of Hurricane Sandy.

Jacob dumped the sensory buckets.  Then Hurricane Jacob hit! He started throwing things and dumped paint water all over the table, thus ending his day at centers.  I think he may have become a little over stimulated.  At least he put his hands in the buckets without any issue this time.  I feel that is huge progress!

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