Monday, October 22, 2012

Sensory Project with Grape Nuts

I have just finished reading the book The Out-of Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz.  What an amazing book for me to read.  It was full of so many ah-ha moments with thinking back on how my kids have reacted to things.  My therapist has said she think Jacob my be SPD, and now I think she may be right. So I thought I would start working on his sensory issues myself at home.  This is my first sensory bucket or bowl.  I didn't know what to use and didn't want to go to the store.  So I went to my pantry and found expired Grape Nuts from the last time my parents visited.  I thought that would work great and be like a little sand box for Jacob.  I poured it all into a large bowl and gave him some measuring cups, plastic silverware, cars, and a spider.  

He loved it!  He thought it was so fun and didn't want to stop playing.  It took awhile for him to touch it with his hands.  He really enjoyed playing with the measuring cups and picking up the Grape Nuts and dumping them out.  After playing that way for about 10 minutes I put his hand in the cereal.  I had him open his hand to hold some of it too.  At first he did not like it and kept cleaning it off of his hands, but he was too happy to want to quit.

Even Haley who is 4 thought this was so much fun.  She said this could be her pre-school lesson for the day.  So she started counting the Grape Nuts she scooped up in the measuring cup.  She counted to 20 over and over again and did it correctly.  So I think this ended up being a math lesson for her, even if there were way more than 20 Grape Nuts in the 1/4 cup measuring cup! :)

After 15 or 20 minutes of stirring he started to use his hands!  He loved picking it up and looking at each of the Grape Nuts.  It was great!  The mess he was making all over the floor...was not so great.  I really had to not think about the mess so he could enjoy making it.

The clean up took about as much time as the play time did.  But I had some great help!

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