Monday, November 5, 2012

C is for Camping

This week Haley is learning the letter C.  This week has also been a crazy week because of Hurricane Sandy and the Presidential Elections so my other two kids have been home most of these past two weeks.  I decided to include them into Haley's preschool lessons this week.  The first day, when the weather was finally nice, we went outside camping.  We talked about the word camping and how it started with the letter C.  We set up their princess tent and put their sleeping bags in it.  They even gathered some sticks for a pretend fire. They had a lot of fun out their pretending to camp.  It kept them busy for about an hour.

When they came inside we talked about where people live and where animals live.  That we don't live outside we live in a house and that animals all have their own special home outside.  I showed them an animal home chart and we played a memory game to go along with it.  We talked about each animal and their home as we played.   It was a fun game that they all played a few times.

We also played a Cozy Campsite matching game that we have.  This is for Haley to learn the difference between more and less.  She had to pick the most items out for the bear.

The next day I had my older two write a sentence about camping and Haley practiced writing the letter C.

When they finished their work I gave them their snack which turned into lunch.  I gave them a knife full of peanut butter, 4 graham cracker halves, 7 marshmallows, and a handful of pretzels.  They also got some lego people from Brian's lego collection.  I told them that with these items they needed to make a campsite.  I told them to use their imagination with the items and that the peanut butter was their glue.

For learning to follow directions I told them where to place their lego people.  For Brian I said 2 inside and one on each side and one in front.

For Haley I told her to put one lego camper inside, 3 on the side and one in front.

When Haley was done with hers she made her lego people dance.

Kylie was told to put one lego camper in front and one inside and one to the side.

Then it became a play with your food day.  Here is her lego camper on his canoe.

Brian had his lego camper on a canoe in a river while another one is fishing.

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