Sunday, June 17, 2012

Teaching Kylie to Quilt

Summer Project #2 With Kylie:  Day 1

Kylie wants to sew a little doll blanket now that she has made a super cute pillow.  So this week she has been cutting out squares when she finds the time.  She is a very busy 6 year old on summer vacation.  I gave her a 4 inch square ruler to trace with a pen and then she cut all of them out by hand.  I am so thankful for my rotary cutter!  I am letting her do this all on her own.  I am not cleaning it up either.  This is all her this time.
Here are some of her squares.

Tracing on the back of the fabric.  I bought her a couple 1/4 yards for her birthday and she grabbed a few more colors from my scraps.

Her squares look great and are ready for her to cut them out.

She is using larger kid scissors for cutting fabric.  She is a mature 6 year old.  :)

She is so excited to start sewing some squares together.  I had her lay them all out first they way she wanted the quilt to look.  It is going to be 5 squares x 4 squares.  So she cut out 20 4 inch squares.  

Rows are made and now she has to put the rows back together. 

Here we talked about seams and matching them together with the pins.  She has been pinning fabric together and putting needles into pin cushions since she was 2.  She knows how to handle them.  I guess this is what happens when you grow up with your mom's sewing machine in your play room.

The pins are in and it is time to sew the rows together.

We put together the rows and then it was dinner time and Jacob woke up.  So the rest will have to wait till our next free moment.

Day 2:

Today Kylie had to do a little more cutting.  She first cut out the back fabric for her doll quilt.  Then I ironed the top and the back for her. 
Cutting out the back fabric.

Then she had to cut out the batting.  Her doll Madison is watching too.

Then we sandwiched the back, batting, and top together.  I got our safety pins out and she was able to put one in correctly.  I did the rest for her.

The more safety pins the better when quilting!

I quilted it for her with my quilting foot.  I also put a satin binding on it too.  This part of the quilt making process will come when she is a little older.

A happy girl!

Fits her doll bed perfectly too and Madison is ready for bed!

I am not sure what her next project is going to be, but her little sister is begging her to make her baby doll a pillow and blanket too.


  1. Sarah,

    I just wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog today. It's funny that you would mention v-bacs because I was JUST talking about this with my aunt two days ago. I was telling her how sad it makes me to realize that I will never be able to have a normal delivery from here on out. Your comment gives me great hope! It totally makes sense too, I mean, doctors are so quick to resort to csection delivery, I can imagine they would be quick to plan a future one for their patient as well. After Henry was born I watched "The Business of Being Born" and OH MY. Totally changes your outlook. Thanks so much for taking the time to write me, you have no idea how much your words meant to me. <3


    1. Allie,
      I am glad it helped. I watched that movie too after Jacob, my 4th and last, was born. It does change your outlook. I hope you now realize you have options for future deliveries. :) I had my first v-back in Germany and they were very supportive. I was also the only one to deliver that day which helped keep them all patient with me. My other two were in American hospitals and I had to sign lots of waivers and really make them understand that I wanted a v-bac despite the risks they told me about. The recovery is so much easier from a natural delivery. Just stand firm in your choice and they should work with you on it. :)