Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nature Walk and Sketch Day at Kenmore Plantation

I took the kids to Kenmore Plantation today.  We made journals yesterday to use for the summer.  They are for them to write and draw whatever they would like in them.  To get them started we talked about sketching what they saw outside.  I showed them some journals on line of people's art, mostly kids.  Brian was not that interested.  I told him he didn't have to draw what he saw, he could draw whatever he liked or do nothing at all.  It was such a beautiful day I had to get them out of the house and enjoy it.

At Kenmore with their journals.  Ready to begin!

I love the flower gardens they have around the plantation.

Brian found something interesting!  A sun dial!  I think his drawing is quite good too.

Brian also drew a flower!  He was not interested in this project and ended up being the only one who actually drew .

We found a rabbit while we were there.  The rest of the afternoon ended in them chasing this rabbit all over the gardens.

The rest are some interesting pictures around the grounds.  I was unable to just sit and sketch so I just snapped away on my camera while we were there.

I love magnolia trees.  The fragrance from these blossoms are amazing!

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