Monday, February 20, 2012

Sewing Away

I have been busy sewing and creating.  I find it hard to keep that going and putting it on the blog.  I get so excited about my projects I forget to take pictures or write about it as I am working.  So I will post a few pictures that I just took.  Maybe in time I will get better at this.  

I created a photo prop for my photographer friend.

I love the colors she picked.  Moda Half Moon!

I love it! 


For Valentine's Day I took an old shirt and made it new for my youngest daughter.  I added a skirt, embroidered a cupcake and a little belt with buttons.  Turned out super cute if I do say so myself.

I did fix the buttons once I realized they were not straight. :)


I am working on another t-shirt quilt for my same friend.  These are from her high school days.

 With My Scraps I am making another small quilt.  I love this pattern.  I got the idea from Moda Bake Shop.   It is a fun twist on the 9 patch!  I am still loving these colors!

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