Saturday, February 4, 2012

Donald Duck T-Shirt Quilt

My friend asked me if I knew how to make a t-shirt quilt.  I told her I have made a quilt with my husband's old boxers, but never t-shirts.  I said I would love the challenge though.

The quilt I made my husband out of his old boxers. :P
I met up with her 1 1/2 weeks ago and she handed me a large bag of old t-shirts.  I was excited to get started, but worried about ruining all of her shirts by cutting them up.  I had a quilting friend tell me that they are like putting together a puzzle because every shirt isn't the exact same size and the print can throw things off too.  I understood what she was talking about once I cut them up.  It was going to be like Tetris, which actually was my favorite video game ever!  And so the fun of putting the t-shirt quilt puzzle together has begun.  I really am having fun with this.  Here is what I have done so far.  To be continued...

Don't mind the mess...And I have noticed I need to vacuum.   But that will have to wait until I finish the more important stuff, sewing!

I think I like this layout.  I also saved some tags of the shirts for fun embellishment. 


After putting the sides on I think one more bottom border with these 3 shirts will finish the quilt off perfectly! 

 ****UPDATE #2****
Finished!  Took about 10 hours total to make.  It was fun figuring out how to put it all together.

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