Saturday, April 14, 2012

Resurrection Rolls

We make these every Easter and the kids love it.  They ask all year long when it will be time to make Jesus rolls again.  It is a great way to explain the resurrection with little ones.  And it is a tasty treat too.  I pray that this sweet little activity we do once a year becomes a sweet memory of their child hood and Jesus.  

"Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
     Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!"
Psalm 34:8

The ingredients:
Crescent Roll dough
melted butter
Large marshmallows

I start reading the Easter story to them until the point of Jesus being put into the tomb.  We talk about why he died and how.  The kids are usually full of questions and comments.  Then We talk about how when someone died back then they would burry a person in a tomb, put oil on their body and sweet smelling spices and then wrap them up in a cloth.  This brings up more discussions.  

So we bring the discussion to the table and I tell them that the marshmallow is like Jesus' body.  The butter is the oil and the cinnamon and sugar are the spices and the dough is the cloth.

First the put oil on his body.  So we roll the marshmallow (Jesus) in oil.

Then spices were put on, so we roll the marshmallow (Jesus) in the suger and cinnamon.

Then we wrap Jesus up with the crescent dough.

Make sure Jesus is covered completely.

Then we put him in the tomb, which is the oven.  The kids put soldiers around the tomb to make sure he doesn't get out.  During this time we read the rest of the bible story about Jesus resurrecting.  He is alive, no longer dead.  He laid the cloth aside that he was in and got out of the tomb.  Then we go and check on our "Jesus".

The rolls are still there and so are the soldiers so he couldn't have gotten out.  But then when you open up your roll the marshmallow is gone because Jesus is ALIVE.  

(I don't think this batch cooked long enough because usually there is no trace of a marshmallow at all)  

When my kids were real little they were so surprised by this and kept asking where Jesus went.  And then we would shout that Jesus wasn't dead any more he was alive!  Jesus died for our sins so that we don't have to die.  We get to live with Jesus and God in heaven because of this and that is reason to celebrate!  And this roll is super yummy too.

Here is my son Brian when he was 3 with his roll and no trace of a marshmallow.  :)


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    1. I am glad this tutorial worked for you. I hope you have fun making them too.