Monday, March 26, 2012

Felt Board Fun

My free hand cut outs of felt.  I have much respect for felt artists!

I was at Michael's yesterday just looking around for some inspiration or something.  I walked by a display of felt stickers and remembered how a long time ago I wanted to make a felt board.  So I decided I was going to finally do it.  I bought a foam board and all different colors of felt.  I think I spent about 10 dollars.  I went home and stapled the large piece of white felt to it.  Then I started cutting out shapes and pictures out of the felt.  This is where I realized making pictures with felt is harder than it looks! I am going to try embroidering on felt next to make some neat characters, but for now the kids are having a great time with what I was able to cut out free hand.  After I made a few trees and people I let the kids cut out their own designs with the left over felt.  This is a great in door activity.  I would like to get some felt sets that go with some of the kids books we read.  Then they can re-tell the story with the pictures.  

The felt stapled to the board.  I used just a regular stapler.  

Another picture of the finished back.

I let them cut out their own pictures from the left over felt. 

Kylie's art work with the felt pictures she added.

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