Saturday, January 14, 2012

Repurposing Christmas Packaging

For Christmas my girls really wanted a Lalalooopsy Doll.  So Santa brought each of them one.  They came in really cute boxes with neat plastic decorative handles.  I couldn't throw the handles away because they were so neat.  I knew I could use them for a bag handle somehow.  My girls were also given lots of little Lalaloopsy dolls.  After seeing the mess of little Loopsy dolls all over the floor I knew we needed a way of keeping them somewhat together and organized.  I then got the idea of using the handles for a Loopsy bag.  I got some scraps of fabric that matched the handle and came up with these super cute bags.  I just had to sew the handels in by had, but they were so easy to make. If you are giving or receiving a Lalaloopsy doll you should definitely keep the cute handles!

I added a small square of velcro to keep bag closed.

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