Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet Your Teacher Day

Today was a big day for our family. Kylie and Brian went to meet their teachers. Kylie is starting Kindergarten and Brian is going into second grade. They are both so excited. The great part about today was that Kylie's teacher was Brian's Kindergarten teacher 2 years ago. So she wasn't nervous about it at all. She has heard so many good things about Mrs. Raines that she wasn't worried. Brian's teacher is his teacher from 1st grade! She decided to move up to 2nd grade this year and requested to have him in her class again! :) The makes us so happy because she is a great teacher for him and keeping him on track!

So I am trying to keep most of my posts related to sewing. What does this have to do with sewing? Well I made this amazing nap mat for Kylie to rest on. She loves it. I got the idea from Jenny Garland's blog Kylie is so excited to take naps on it! I wish she was excited about taking naps at home!

I also made a gift for Brian's teacher on the last day of school. It was so exciting to see her using it next to her door! I am posting pictures of this too. I love what I can make with my embroidery machine. Gifts that are personalized, meaningful, and useful! :)

Here it is after I made it at home so you know which sign I am talking about. And on the back I wrote a little note so she would always remember who it was from.


  1. Hi there! I found you through Jenny Garland's blog - I love your version of her nap mat! Would you mind telling me what kind of material you used for the little blanket? I think Jenny Garland suggested minky, but what you have seems a bit thicker. I am planning to make two of these for my preschooler twins!

    1. Thank You! My daughter loved using her nap mat. The pink fabric was a soft flannel and the brown was minky. Those fabrics together gave the blanket a warm soft feel. Have fun making two of them! :)