Thursday, August 25, 2011

It Starts With An Earthquake! Well Actually That Came Second...

Tuesday was a crazy day for our family here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. My husband had to have shoulder surgery for the second time. He is not allowed to pick anything up over a pound. That is challenging alone and more so with 4 kids. He came home around 1 pm. We got him all situated in a lazy boy chair in our room and on lots of pain killers. Then I went down to the kitchen when the house started to shake. It was so scary. My first thought was to grab Jacob, our 7 month old, and then call the other kids to me. So we all huddled together in an archway in our house. It did not feel safe. All I could think was that I didn't have an earthquake plan! We had a 5.8 earthquake, the largest in over 100 years. Then a few hours later my daughter hurt herself and we left for the ER. People say things come in 3s. Maybe they are right.

Because of the earthquake the first day of school was cancelled. We had our first day today, Thursday. I had 2 kids go to school, one in 2nd and the other in Kindergarten. They got on the bus without looking back. Kylie, my kindergartener, was so excited. Haley was upset about being left behind, but I am looking forward to this time with just her and baby Jacob. The house is so much quieter with only 2 kids. My plan is to use this time wisely and get the house cleaned and organized. I am going to try to clean every school day for at least 30 minutes. I really need to sort through the toys and kids rooms. It has become a mess over the summer. And somewhere in there I must sew! :)

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