Saturday, September 29, 2012

This Crazy Time of Life

I think I have found a moment to write.  I just sat at the computer with my tea and picked out a few pictures to share.  I am trying to find time for me again.  My life has been so busy I had to put a lot of things aside.  This blog might need a different name with the way events have been going for us.  This blog is becoming more about my family than about sewing.  I haven't looked at or touched my sewing machine in 6 weeks!  This means something is very wrong with me!  I am definitely depressed, this can be the only reason I can come up with for not having the energy to do what I love, sewing.

Truly, I have been so busy.  My husband had shoulder surgery for the 3rd time on the same shoulder.  For the first 2 weeks he is in so much pain and on so many pain killers we just go into survival mode.  Then the 3rd week he can start moving around, but can't do much for himself.  The 4th week is when everyone is tired and wishing Daddy was better.  But it takes 12 weeks for him to recover from this type of surgery and be out of his sling.  SO we are finding a new normal and waiting for November 2nd when he has to have surgery on his other shoulder.

In the middle of all of this we have discovered that our son, Jacob, who is 20 months, cannot hear.  He seems to be mostly deaf, but since there are no deaf people in our family the doctors are optimistic that tubes in his ears will help.  The day we found out about this was a very hard day for us.  I have been taking him to a speech therapist 2 times a week for 3 months now trying to help him speak.  We really thought he could hear just fine and that his problem was related to his mouth.  While we were trying to wrap our minds around this news, our daughter Kylie, who is 6, broke her ankle.  This was something I did NOT want to be dealing with on top of everything else.  She actually severley fractured her ankle and smashed her growth plate.  They put a cast on her and she is walking around with crutches for the next month.

So this has been my crazy life.

Jacob just had his tubes put in a couple days ago.  The doctor said there was so much fluid in his ears that his ear drums couldn't vibrate.  It was a great thing we had this done.  He already seems to be able to hear now.  He is saying words and trying to sing songs that he has never attempted before.  It really made me want to sit down and cry and thank God that he is able to hear and it was not a permanent problem.  We are still going to take him to speech therapy because he is very behind where he should be at.  He only says a few words, but I know that now he can hear it wont be long before he starts talking up a storm!

I feel my time and attention is needed for my family.  This is why I haven't been able to sew.  This is why I am not getting ready for the craft shows.  And I actually feel good about not being stressed over sewing projects and filling orders.  I love this time I have with Haley and teaching her pre-school.  She begs all day everyday to do school work.  She loves school and loves learning.  It is so fun for me to be a part of her learning too and focus on what she finds the most fun and interesting.

Brian is also finding who he is as an individual.  He is 8 now and such a big helper for me.  He has really stepped up in doing the chores Daddy normally did.  He never complains about it either.  He has also become an amazing soccer player.  He told us that he knows this is what he was born to do.  All the other sports he tried out he never truly enjoyed or cared about.  But soccer seems to be a new passion for him.  And he is really good too.  It is so fun watching him play and practice.

Each one of my kids amaze me everyday.  They are each so different.  It is fun discovering who they are and who God created them to be.  I am so thankful that I am able to stay home and take care of my family when they need me most.

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